Link Vault Logger


The Link Vault Logger plugin simply logs a record of a download. This is useful when items to be downloaded are not actual files stored on the server. For example, downloading a printer-friendly template or PDF generated on-the-fly.

{exp:lv_logger entry_id='{entry_id}' file_name='{segment_3}'}


The following parameters can be set (and most of them should):

site_id (defaults to 1)
is_link_click (defaults to 'n')
cf_custom_field (use your custom field name as a parameter)

The following parameters are set automatically by the plugin:

unix_time (current time)
member_id (logged in user)
remote_ip (logged in users IP)

This plugin was inspired by the need to log downloads when PDF's were being created dynamically from an EE template.

Release Notes

1.0  (2014-05-26)

  • Initial Commit

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