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Cloudfront Signed Documentation


Install like any other plugin by placing the cloudfront_signed folder in your /system/expressionengine/third_party/ folder (or wherever you have your add-ons installed).

Before using the plugin you'll need to create a Cloudfront key/pair for the trusted signer. Upload the public key to a secure location (above webroot) on your server.

Update the config.php file in /cloudfront_signed/ to include the location of the newly uploaded public key file and a default key-pair-id.

Template Tags

{exp:cloudfront_protect:url resource="{your_resource_url}" key_pair="your key-pair-id" expiration="" activation="" ip="yes"}


  • resource (required) : the url to resource object
  • key_pair (optional) : specify a key-pair-id to override the default set in config
  • expiration (optional) : set an expiration in seconds from the current time. Default is 3600 (1 hour).
  • activation (optional) : set an activation time (not relative to the current time).
  • ip : if set to "yes" the Cloudfront policy includes the users IP