Cloudfront Signed


Protecting downloadable content can be challenging and time-consuming.  If you use AWS Cloudfront to deliver downloadable content then signed URLs add a great layer of security.  Signed URLs allow you to enforce policies on who can access the content.  The plugin will build the appropriate policy statement based on the parameters passed in.


Install like any other plugin by placing the cloudfront_signed folder in your /system/expressionengine/third_party/ folder (or wherever you have your add-ons installed).


Before using the plugin you'll need to create a Cloudfront key/pair for the trusted signer. Upload the public key to a secure location (above webroot) on your server.

Update the config.php file in /cloudfront_signed/ to include the location of the newly uploaded public key file and a default key-pair-id.

Tag Usage

{exp:cloudfront_protect:url resource="{your_resource_url}" key_pair="your key-pair-id" expiration="" activation="" ip="yes"}


  • resource (required) : the url to resource object
  • key_pair (optional) : specify a key-pair-id to override the default set in config
  • expiration (optional) : set an expiration in seconds from the current time. Default is 3600 (1 hour).
  • activation (optional) : set an activation time (not relative to the current time).
  • ip : if set to "yes" the Cloudfront policy includes the users IP

Release Notes

1.0  (2015-08-13)

  • Initial Release

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