Services tailored for client needs

Every organization has different goals and that means the solutions are going to be slightly different for each one.  For that reason you won't find a "one size fits all" approach to my services.  Every project gets a proposed solution that is customized for that particular project.  What you'll find below are areas of specialization tailored to non-profits.  Most projects start out with a Roadmapping session and then move into one or more of the other areas based on those results.


Roadmapping is a fixed-price evaluation of your website to outline how I can solve your web problems and help your organization.  During a Roadmapping session we work together to take a comprehensive look at your issues and layout out a plan for solving them.  By approaching projects in this manner the outcome is clearly defined and is connected to a measurable result.

Much like before traveling you determine where you want to be and then how you could get to that destination, a Roadmapping session defines "where" your organization want to be and then "how" the website helps to get you there.  This allows us to filter ideas and solutions down to the ones that most effectively address your problem and therefore have the greatest return on the investment of hiring me for your project. 

At the end of Roadmapping you can decide to proceed with one of the proposed solutions or you can walk away with the information gathered and choose to do something else.  Either way you've gotten valuable knowledge and solutions for your problem.

Site Development

If you're just getting your web presence started and the idea of domain names, hosting, and email configuration cause you to break into a cold sweat then I can help.  I will walk you through each step of the process or I can handle it for you. You will have someone on your team to answer your questions and who can take your project from concept to reality.

Or perhaps you have an existing site that isn't performing as well as it should.  I'm comfortable working with existing systems to solve your problems and get your website meeting the needs of your organization whether that means changes to the front-facing user experiences or solving a server-side issue.

Every site I build is built on leading content managment systems (Expression Engine or Craft) which means you'll have a site that is easy for you to edit and maintain.  And I train your team on how to do that so you can continue to enhance your web strategy.


Analyzing the data you collect on your website is one of the most valuable things you can do.  If you're using Google Analytics then you have a vast amount of information about your visitors and the ability to collect a lot more for making data-based decisions.  Knowing how to set those things up and how to interpret some of the data you get is an entirely different thing.  I can help you sift through the mountains of data and extract useful bits of information for making strategic oganizational decisions.

Custom Integrations

If you are currently running an Expression Engine site and need to interface with another service or perform some custom function then I can help with that as well.  I've helped numerous companies integrate with warehouse inventory systems, shipping systems, and user databases.  You can find some of my open source solutions at GitHub.