Case Study: Sophia Institute for Teachers

The Problem

Sophia Insitute for Teachers needed to get their site launched quickly and they were behind schedule.  The site was membership based with member created and moderated content.  It was essential that the membership portion of the site be finished to launch their promotional campaign.

The Solution

The Sophia Institute for Teachers site required quite alot of strategic planning before coding began.  Since the project was already underway I wasn't starting from scratch and that meant adjusting to the already existing workflow.  The site underwent signifcant re-coding and the membership features were implemented successfully.  Members create and edit their own content that is moderated by the site staff and that approved content is then searchable and downloadable by other members.  The volume of content being created also meant that site performance was  going to be an issue so things had to cache properly to lower load times.  All of this is powered by Expression Engine and countless add-ons (and a couple of custom developed ones).

Since the initial launch the site has continued to grow and now includes ecommerce features.  Thanks to the flexibility of Expression Engine they have added event registrations and product purchases to the site.  There is also an on-demand video section to the site that utilizes AWS and JWPlayer to deliver streaming video to customers worldwide.

What They Say

Ron Hickson provides everything our organization could ask for in a web developer. He builds websites that work and provides fast, professional service. Our organization's web presence has been solid and growing ever since he joined our team, and he is a highly valued colleague.

- Veronica Burchard, Sophia Institute for Teachers