Case Study: Project Frog

The Problem

Project Frog reached out to me when their aging Expression Engine site fell victim to a security issue.  The sites database size had been maxed out by an automated attack that created rogue entries which left the site non-functional for the public and inaccessible for the Project Frog team.  The site needed to be restored quickly and the security issue resolved.

The Solution

The client needed to stop the attack on the site and get things functioning again quickly.  I identified the security issue in Expression Engine and closed it up as well as taking steps with the host to block the source of the malicious activity.  With the damage stopped, the site was restored and subsequently updated to avoid a repeat of the problem.  It took a few days to get everything back up but I was able to restore the site without any lost content.  I continue to provide support and maintenance services for them so they can focus on their business.