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Choosing the Right Web Developer or Website Service

When it's time to build a new website the number of choices can be overwhelming.  There are two broad categories for getting your website built - a web developer (freelancer or agency) or a website creator service.  Website creator services (such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and countless others) provide a turn-key solution that get your website launched in a very short period of time.  The quick turn-around and low cost make these very appealing options to startups and small organizations.  But before those things convince you to start down that track you should consider the following things and whether a web developer may actually be a smarter and more cost effective long-term solution. Read more…

Setting up web development with Bower and Gulp

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There are countless tools and methodologies for building a smooth and efficient web workflow.  Everyone has an opinion on what works best but the reality is it's a matter of what works best for YOU.  So here is how I setup for my new site builds using some great tools to make things easier for developing and maintaining.  This is not a perfect or all-encompassing walkthrough but hopefully it's a resource.  Here's an overview of what we're doing: Read more…