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Finding Royalty Free Images

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Whether your adding a new header image to your homepage or just need a visual for your blog, finding good stock photos online can be time-consuming.  To help cut down on the clutter here is a curated list of some of my favorite sources for good visuals - free and paid.

iStock Photo

iStock is the "gorrilla" of royalty-free images and their parent company Getty Images has been around a while.  They've got a massive catalog to search and if you can't find something that will work here then you probably won't find it anywhere.  Their library also includes videos, illustrations, and vector art.  Depending on your usage you can either buy credits or consider a subsciption.  If you are doing a lot of marketing and need multiple images per month then the cost is justified for a "one-stop shop".


Shutterstock touts over 100 million stock images with over 800,000 new images added each week.  That's a lot of choices.  The pricing structure includes a Basic pricing (a certain number of images for a fixed price) and Professional subscription driven options.  Both of them are reasonably priced options for users.


This has quickly become one of my favorite sources for free stock photos.  The quality is good and the library is growing.  If you're looking for images to add to your blog posts then this is a great source to check.


Picjumbo was founded in 2013 when regular stock photo sites wouldn't accept Viktor Hanacek's photos. Kudos for the "can-do" attitude.  While the library isn't the nearly the size of the major players there is a great collection of free images and you can even get them delivered to you via email.  If you find yourself using this resource I highly encourage you to consider becoming a PREMIUM member to keep it going or at the least make a donation to the project.


Unsplash is a new but is a thriving photography community for free high-resolution photos.  The library size is constantly growing and new things are added daily.

Jay Mantri

Jay is a designer who's taken to sharing great free images on his site for you to use in your projects.

If you're using the free sources do all you can to donate or support the project.  And wherever you get your images from be sure that you don't run afoul of the licensing for the image.  Respect the photographer and his work by giving him the credit he asks for.