The Need for Speed

Race car

Site speed is obviously an important part of a website's success or failure.  While you may be willing to sacrifice speed for a neat effect or feature think about yourself as the user.  When was the last time you waited for a website to load and then thought "that was slow but (insert feature name) was really cool and worth the wait".  Never.

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Finding Royalty Free Images

Up close camera lens

Whether your adding a new header image to your homepage or just need a visual for your blog, finding good stock photos online can be time-consuming.  To help cut down on the clutter here is a curated list of some of my favorite sources for good visuals - free and paid.

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Configuring Email

Old-fashioned typewriter

Email has been around so long we often take it for granted.  Many small businesses are so focused on getting their websites designed and launched that they don't give thought to their company or website email.  They assume that the contact form on their website will "just work" and that an email address for their business is all they need.  But in today's world of overwhelming spam most email services have been forced to get smarter and stricter about email.  Technology over the last few years when it comes to email and spam detection has moved forward rapidly and most small business owners are completely unaware that setting up email properly requires a little more than it once did.  Here are some tips for small businesses for setting up email.

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Setting up web development with Bower and Gulp

Door in empty room

There are countless tools and methodologies for building a smooth and efficient web workflow.  Everyone has an opinion on what works best but the reality is it's a matter of what works best for YOU.  So here is how I setup for my new site builds using some great tools to make things easier for developing and maintaining.  This is not a perfect or all-encompassing walkthrough but hopefully it's a resource.  Here's an overview of what we're doing:

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