Facebook Link


Upload the “fb_link” folder and its contents to /system/user/addons.

After everything is uploaded login to the Expression Engine Control Panel and go to Add-Ons to install.


You will need to register a Facebook app ([url=http://www.facebook.com/developers]http://www.facebook.com/developers[/url]) to use the Facebook features. Facebook requires all data access to obtain authentication and registering an app is necessary for that.  Once your Facebook app is set up, make a note of the App ID and the App Secret.

On the EE Modules Control Panel click the “Facebook Link” module to configure. Enter your App ID and App Secret and hit Save.

In most cases a user Access Token will be needed for retrieving data. A user access token can retrieve more information that an app access token but does require the app to be authorized to act as the user. To retrieve a user access token, click on the "Get Token" button. A popup window will display asking you to authorize the EE app to use your Facebook account (Pay attention on this step who the user logged in to Facebook is since that is who will be linked to the app. Should they ever revoke the EE app then the module may cease to work.) Allow the app and the user access token(s) and the app token will be returned and dynamically show in the CP. Select the token you wish to use for default Graph calls and click 'Save'. It is recommended to use the app token since it never expires.  Using the other user-type tokens will cause issues when the token expires.  They are provided for use in certain edge cases.

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